Erik Owings online fitness Academy

Why join Erik ?

A quick walk-through of what Erik has to offer, and why his online academy is the right place for you.

Daily content

You will have access to the same exact content that Erik shares with the professional athletes he trains ( UFC undisputed world champions, world class grapplers...)

Not only pros train with Erik,but it's always nice to share some success stories.

For all levels

Improve day by day. Content for all levels will be available in order for you to reach your goals. Based on your plan, a monthly follow-up with Erik may also be available.

Look behind the curtain.

Get access to exclusive content. Interview the athletes through open question sessions. Follow their training through videos, podcasts and articles.

Two programs, two goals.

The F.I.T program gives you access to all the exclusive content (training videos, articles, podcasts, interviews, Q&A and more...).

The Mastermind program gives you access to the F.I.T plus a direct connection with Erik, through email, phone or skype , in order to get the answers you need. From simple tips to a personalized program, Erik is here for you.